Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year, New You. Fitness, Health Accountability

New Year, New you! Want to make 2014 the healthiest year yet?! I DO!!!
After all of the Holiday stress, rushing around, parties and hustle and bustle-it is hard to believe that the Christmas season is already over!! The gifts are unwrapped, family returning to their homes-I wish the visiting lasted another two days and the resting was still acceptable. 
But now, I am ready to ring in the new year!! There are so many possibilities, my mind cannot grasp it all. Do you have big plans for 2014? Are you ready to kick it into HIGH gear for 2014? 

I have been really planning out my new year fitness challenge group since before Christmas and I am ready to help all of you start the new year with the right "tools" to begin strong! Helping others and seeing results come through makes my heart swell with excitement and joy! First I must get the group numbers up!! I am inviting YOU to be involved in this exclusive challenge group!! I want you to think about where you picture yourself in six months and in 12 months! I want you to think of your goals and where you can be with hard work, dedication and the right motivation! Let's set and reach all of your goals together!!
Are you thinking, what is this health and fitness challenge group that you keep bringing up?

It is a program that I have developed specifically to help my clients reach their own personal health and fitness goals. It is a private, small group setting that offers support, guidance, motivation, meal planning, workouts, recipes, accountability and so much more!!! Don't fall into the typical New Year's Resolution norm! I am tired of hearing the same " I'm going to start on Monday" or "I'm going to renew my gym membership and ACTUALLY go this year" or "I'm going to really stay strict to my diet this time." The excuses are never ending, and we can keep finding new ones that work for us! BUT WHY?? Why wait? Why work hard to find excuses to keep pushing off our goals and dreams? DO IT NOW!!!! There is no better time then now!! This is the perfect year to say, "This year, I am going to start NOW, I am going to do this TODAY for ME!!" The best part of this is, I will not let you back out of your statement. You will reach your goals and you can even win prizes as you do! I want to help you succeed!! Will it be easy? not always!! But can you do it? ABSOLUTELY, without a doubt!!
As of January 1st, without the challenge group-most likely you will start off dedicated, strong and with passion-you will think everyday how this is not so bad, how you will give it your all, eat clean, go to the gym and you think "I GOT THIS!" But then it is two weeks into January and the weather is dark, dreary and depressing, it is cold outside of your bed and when your alarm goes off-you hit the snooze a few too many times, you decide you can go to the gym later knowing you won't make it. Sure enough that evening comes and you were unable to make it to the gym and you start rationalizing missing your workouts-which becomes more and more common. 
As your workouts dwindle to maybe 2 times per week, your healthy meals become snacks and your salads turn into a side of chips or pizza and then POOF!! you give up and you no longer have the ENERGY to keep going with being healthy.

I have done this so many times! I used to eat what I wanted, worked out whenever I wanted-I had no energy, no motivation, not confident and unhappy!! This year was different and I am so THANKFUL!! This year is different for you, this year you are going to end the trend and end the cycle fo the broken New Year's resolutions!!!
Working out is a MUST! Working out is supposed to be fun not a chore!!! I promise you, if you aren't having fun during a workout, then you need to find a different workout, that fits YOU!! You have to look forward to your exercise!This is the key to success, this is what will help! Along with the workouts-you MUST concentrate on NUTRITION!! Nutrition is 80% of your results!! This is what my goal is going to be, I must focus on this myself! We can work on this together! I eat 6 meals a day!!  THIS IS NOT A DIET!!! IT IS A LIFESTYLE!!!

One really important aspect of this challenge group is Shakeology!! Don't worrying-it is NOT a weight loss drink. It is a total NUTRITION shake. You can use it as a meal replacement!! It keeps me full for 3 hours! It is like eating 6 salads at one time. It tastes GREAT, it is the BEST "on the go" snack to grab. It saves me from stopping at a fast food restaurant, hitting a concession stand or starving myself! I make sure to always have some shakeology with me at all times! I am extremely busy as an athletic trainer, running around with athletes where I don't have time to sit and eat, but I still get the nutrition my body needs to function even without time. 
Shakeology is worth the $4 a shake because it is the one thing that keeps me on track and I know I am getting the full nutrients I need!!
You will get full access to a closed online support group! This is the best part-with this you get 24/7 access to me as your coach!! With my guidance I will have daily assignments, motivational tips, recipes, meal plans readily available and much more for your availability!! Every challenger will start their workout on the same day and we will go strong together!!! Each day you will have information from ME to keep you going STRONGER!!! I will not allow you to quit! I will not only keep you accountable, but I teach you how to overcome your cravings, how to eat healthy, and more! The one thing you MUST do is commit to a program of your choice and that you will continue it until you FINISH it through!!! (receiving a free t-shirt!) You must check in daily (which takes only 20 seconds!!) and post a short description of how your workouts and shakes are going, or ask a question you need help with. 

Does this sound like something you are interested in? Are you ready to make the change? No more quick fixes that don't last? No more yo-yo diets that end poorly? Let's start to make the change!! It's all about working from the inside out, make yourself feel better so you look better! who doesn't love that!? ;)

Starting January 6th is the New Year, New You group! You do not want to miss this!! Space is limited so contact me now to reserve your spot! Make your transformation story starting January 6th!

I can't wait to work with you starting January 6th!!! :)

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